Bulk Payments



A truly customised service

NMBConnect Bulk Salaries and Bulk Payments services

With NMBConnect Online, Corporates and SMEs can pay their employees’ salaries, wages and regular bulk payments with much ease.

Here is how you can save time and money, through using the Bulk Payments on NMBConnect Online:


1.    Visit https://www.nmbconnectonline.co.zw to log in to NMBConnect Online
2.    Enter your credentials, and then sign in with OTP
3.    Go to bulk payments and then select process salaries
4.    If it is your first time processing:

  • Download the sample batch and format as follows:
  • Bank Code column to text
  • Beneficiary Account column
  • Set remitter account
  • Enter amount
  • Beneficiary account and bank code, and amount columns all to text anytime of the day

5.    Authoriser can verify sample batch and release transfers

 Benefits of using the Bulk Salaries Function

  • Minimal transfer fees, with salaries exempted from paying IMT Tax
  • Interbank transfers are settled same day when submitted before 12pm. Transfers made after 12pm are settled the following business day
  • NMB to NMB transfers are settled instantly including transfers made during weekends and holidays
  • Ability to pre-schedule transactions, save or update batch
  • Secure two-factor authentication security protocol (PIN and OTP)
  • Digital proof of payments which you can save and share with the beneficiaries
  • RTGS reference numbers received on email in 3 minutes