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NMBremit is a domestic remittance product that allows customers to send and receive USD cash instantly within the country. You do not need to be an NMB customer to access this service. As a customer, you have an added advantage in that you are allowed to send a maximum of $500 per day and up to $2000 per month. Non-customers are however allowed up to $250 per day and up to $1000 per month.

For NMB Customers you can easily initiate the transaction from NMBconnect and complete the transaction at any of our branches.

Non-customers can access the service direct from our branch network.

Charges are a total of 5%, 3% for the service and 2% for IMT tax. There are no additional charges on collection.

Follow these easy steps.

Step 1

Open your NMB Connect App and select NMB Remit



Step 2

Enter the receiver's details and follow the prompts



Step 3

Take note of the reference number you receive and use it at your nearest NMB Branch to complete the transaction.


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Frequently Asked Questions! 

  •   Who can send money using NMBRemit?

    Anyone can send and receive through NMBRemit, both NMB customers and non-customers, as long as you have your ID, driver’s license, or valid passport.

  • How much can l send at a time?
    • a)    NMB customers can send a maximum of $500 per transaction and up to $2000 per month
    • b)    Non-customers can send a maximum of $250 per day and up to $1000 per month.
  • What are the charges for sending?

    The charges are 3% for sending plus 2% IMT tax, the minimum charge is $2.

  • What are the charges when receiving?

    There are no charges incurred when receiving

  • Where can l collect from?

    You can collect from all NMB Branches nationwide 

  • What documents do l need to send money?

    You only require you ID, driver’s licence or Valid passport.

  • What do l need to receive the money?

    Just bring your ID and the reference number received from the sender.

  • What do l give the receiver as proof of money sent?

    You can give them the reference number which they will use to collect the funds. The receiver will also get an SMS with the reference number.

  • What is the minimum amount l can send?

    There is no minimum amount but the minimum charge is $2.