Banking for Me


Bank With Us!

  • A bank that caters to your every need!

    NMB Bank’s personal banking services are designed to meet your financial needs. We offer tailor-made financial solutions to help you achieve your dreams. If you are in pursuit of financial excellence, you have chosen the right bank.

    Join the NMB Bank family and enjoy the following:

    • Dedicated Customer Experience Officers to offer you a truly personalised service
    • Unmatched banking convenience through our Digital Banking Channels
    • Access to our virtual branch for Paperless Cash Withdrawals and Deposits through NMBConnect.
    • Total control of your bank account/s through transaction alerts and bank statements available on NMBConnect
    • 24-hour service through our Customer Contact Centre


  • An account that understands your current needs

    Current Account
    Ideal for your day-to-day transactions, our personal Current Account offers you banking and lifestyle convenience. We also offer Joint accounts for husband and wife, on request.
    With this Current Account you get access to:

    • 24-hour electronic banking and bill payment through NMBConnect, your Digital Bank
    • Linking your Current Account with your Savings Account through stop orders for better management of your money
    • Personal Loans, School Fees Loans and Mortgages subject to prevailing terms and conditions.
    • Unrestricted access and control of your bank account through electronic statements, available on demand through NMBConnect.


    Open your Current Account NOW.



  • Lite on your pocket, heavy on convenience

    NMBLite Account
    For the lower value and volume-transacting customer, the NMBLite Account is the simplest way of enjoying banking convenience with numerous benefits. Are you a student or a hustlepreneur looking for an entry level account?

    NMBLite is the account you need. Simply dial *241# from your phone and from any mobile network operator to open your NMBLite account and start enjoying these benefits:

    • Zimswitch enabled Debit Card that gives you access to your account through NMB Bank ATMs and Zimswitch POS Machines
    • Unrestricted access to Digital Banking platforms through *241#, NMBConnect App and NMBConnect Online
    • Flexibility to upgrade to a Current Account for increased usage and more benefits


    Open your NMBLite Account NOW.



  • Put your nose in front!

    Nostro Account

    The NMB Bank Nostro Account is an easy to open and easy manage foreign currency account. You can choose from a basket of major currencies and have separate accounts for each one.

    Open your Nostro Account NOW and access:

    • Paperless Cash Withdrawals and Deposits from our Virtual Branch on NMBConnect. You can nominate someone to drop-off or pick-up the cash for you at your preferred NMB Bank Branch.
    • Send cash to your relatives or friends from your Nostro Account.



  • Save your way to financial freedom!

    NMBSave Account
    The NMB Bank savings account, NMBSave, offers you competitive tiered interest rates on your funds with interest calculated on the daily balance and paid monthly. You can link your savings account with your current account for stop orders as you save towards a specific goal. You can also fund your NMBSave account through RTGS transfer, NMB to NMB transfer ,ZIPIT transfer or cash deposit at any NMB Bank Branch near you.

    Your NMBSave account comes with a Debit Card  to give you flexible access to your funds. You can also track progress towards your savings goal through digitally stamped electronic statements available on NMBConnect. We produce statements monthly (in line with interest payments) and interim statements can be printed upon request. Cash Deposits and withdrawals can be made at any NMB Bank Branch.


    Open your NMBSave Account NOW.