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NMB Bank in partnership with Old Mutual Zimbabwe, Zimnat Lion, Alliance Insurance, Nicoz Diamond and Cell Insurance provide short and long-term insurance products through the Bank’s Branch network and Digital Platforms. Insure with us today and enjoy a peace of mind that only NMB Bank can provide. We offer Personal and Business Insurance to accountholders and non-accountholders.

Know your insurance vocabulary

Insurance Dictionary!


Insurance is a means of compensation if any accidental misfortune happens. It is a concept of pooling of risks, where different individuals exposed to similar or homogeneous risks contribute to a common pool so that the few that are unfortunate to suffer a loss or mishap are compensated from the pool.


Any risk can be insured against if;

  • Its occurrence would result in a loss to the person taking insurance
  • The loss is entirely accidental, unintentional or unplanned on the part of the insured
  • A reasonable premium can be calculated by the insurer and premium paid by the insured


Risk is a chance of a loss. It is the possibility of an unfortunate accident.

  • Vehicle Insurance

    With NMBSure, we protect your motor vehicle(s) from theft and accidental damage should unfortunate events happen. We also offer vehicle licensing administered by ZINARA. Our vehicle insurance classes include:

    • Third Party Cover
    • Full Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover
    • Comprehensive Cover


  • Home Insurance

    Our insurance for buildings covers the structure of your home, from the foundations and floors to the walls, ceilings and roof. It includes all solid infrastructures on the property, from the gates to swimming pools as well as pipes, fixtures and fittings attached to the structure.

    Buildings Insurance

    Items covered under Buildings Insurance include:

    • The main residence/building
    • Private garages
    • Domestic/ Servants quarters
    • Walls, gates, fences excluding hedges
    • Swimming pools filtration plants
    • Borehole pumps and electrical motors
    • Gate motors
    • Satellite dishes, tennis courts, sauna bath
    • Paved driveways or pathways
    • Landlord’s fixtures and fittings

    Household Contents Insurance

    Our Insurance for household contents covers household goods, property and equipment. Examples include, but are not limited to deep freezers, television sets, sofas, bed sets and many more.

    Personal all risks

    Our All Risks Insurance covers a wide range of accidental losses or damages that normally occur away from home. It covers items you normally wear or carry outside the house such as clothing, spectacles, cellphones, iPads, cameras, golf bags, sport equipment and other property. The All Risks Cover is only given to clients who have taken up Household Contents Cover.


  • Travel Insurance

    Our Travel Insurance offers you comprehensive and world-class travel cover. We cover medical expenses incurred when overseas, flights and accommodation cancellation costs, personal injury as well as lost baggage.

  • Funeral cover

    Our Funeral Plan offers you peace of mind knowing that you, your immediate and extended family will receive a dignified send-off in the unfortunate event of death.

  • Business Insurance

    As a business, you need to concentrate on your core activities to ensure that you achieve your goals while NMBSure looks after the risks for your business continuity. NMBSure offers your business, insurance options tailored for your unique risk profile.

  • Buildings Insurance

    If your business owns the premises from which you operate, you will need to cover the physical structure, as well as the fixtures and fittings with our Buildings Insurance. We cover you against:

    • Fire, water, explosion and impact damage
    • Weather damage from lightning, storm, wind, hail and snow
    • Accidental damage. Subsidence and landslip
    • Malicious damage
    • Power surges
  • Plant, Machinery and Contents Insurance

    There are many assets on which your business relies. With NMBSure, we provide you with cover for these assets, from the machinery that helps you produce goods, or render a service, to the general office furniture. We cover you against:

    • Fire, water, explosion and impact damage
    • Weather damage from lightning, storm, wind, hail and snow
    • Accidental damage
    • Subsidence and landslip
    • Malicious damage
    • Power surges
  • Stock Insurance

    Ensure continuity of your business operations with our Stock Insurance. We cover your finished goods stock as well as raw materials used in your production processes. We protect your stock against:

    • Fire, water, explosion and impact damage
    • Weather damage from lightning, storm, wind, hail and snow
    • Deterioration of stock
    • Damage and loss to stock rented out
    • Accidental damage.
    • Subsidence and landslip
    • Malicious damage.
    • Power surges.
  • Money Insurance

    Cash always carries a very high risk. We have all heard the stories of people losing their cash at home and at their business premises. Look to us to help you insure your cash in hand, as well as the places in which you keep it. We cover you against:

    • Loss or damage to money
    • Loss or damage to bigger amounts of money during seasonal periods
    • Loss or damage to receptacles and clothing as a result of theft or attempted theft of money
    • Damage or replacement of locks and keys to money receptacles as a result of unauthorized entry, theft or attempted theft
    • Loss or damage as a result of entry gained by use of a skeleton key
  • All Risk Insurance

    Our All Risks Insurance gives you a comprehensive cover for business items you take or use outside the office against loss, theft and damage. Items covered include, but are not limited to laptops, cellphones and specialist equipment.

  • Business Interruption Insurance

    The cost of damage to your business’ property is one thing. But, what about the cost of not being able to actually do business as a result? With our Business Interruption Insurance, you can recover lost gross revenue, gross profit and gross rental income, as well as increases in cost of working. We cover you against:

    • Financial loss or loss of profits when the business is interrupted as a result of damage to your premises
    • Financial loss or loss of profits when the business is interrupted as a result of damage to supplier or customer premises
  • Accounts Receivable Insurance

    Keeping financial records is vital for any business, which is why it's important to insure your business’ actual books of accounts. With our Accounts Receivable Insurance, we cover you against:

    • Loss or damage to your business’ books of accounts
    • Reasonable collection costs and expenses due to loss or damage of your business’ books of accounts
  • Glass Insurance

    Glass can be a major aesthetic element to your business, or a functional one in the case of window displays. Either way, we provide you with the cover you need to fix what can be broken. We protect you against:

    • Damage to internal and external glass as well as building signage
    • Damage to shopfronts, frames, window displays
    • Cost of removal and re-installation of fixtures and fittings necessary for glass replacement
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance

    Whether your business makes use of laptops, tablets or specialist electronic devices, we will make sure they are replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. Our Electronic Equipment Insurance covers you against:

    • Theft and loss
    • Fire, water and explosion damage
    • Accidental and malicious damage
    • Weather damage from lightning and storm
    • Power surge damage
  • Fidelity Insurance

    Human behavior can be unpredictable, which is why we offer insurance that covers your business against employees who may act dishonestly. Our Fidelity Cover protects you against:

    • Loss of money or property belonging to the business, stolen by an employee
    • Financial loss to the business as a result of acts of fraud or dishonest personal gain by an employee
  • Personal Accident Insurance

    A business is nothing without the people who are involved. This type of insurance covers all employees within your business and pays out in the case of death and bodily injuries.

  • Fleet Insurance

    With so many moving parts, managing a fleet is difficult enough. Fortunately, we can give you the single solution you need, no matter how many commercial vehicles, motorcycles, motor scooters, buses, trailers, caravans or private vehicles your business may own. Our Comprehensive Fleet Insurance covers you against:

    • Accident damage
    • Theft and damage due to attempted theft
    • Damage due to attempted hijack
    • Damage due to fire, explosion, hail, storm, wind and flood
    • Damage or loss to spare parts when in / on the vehicle
    • Damage or loss to factory fitted accessories
    • Medical expenses to passengers in the event of an accident
    • Reasonable cost of securing and removing a vehicle after an accident
    • Liability to a third party
  • Goods in Transit Insurance

    We cover your business from the loss or damage of your goods while they are in transit, whether being transported by road, air, rail or even post. Insurance Cover is against:

    • Damage from accident, collision, derailment or overturn
    • Damage from theft and hijacking
    • Damage form fire and explosion
    • Weather damage from lightning, storm, wind, hail and snow
    • Cover for deterioration or contamination of refrigerated goods in transit
    • Overloading allowance up to 5%
    • Driver fidelity cover
    • Debris removal cover
    • Riot and strike cover
    • Fire extinguishing cover
  • Agricultural Insurance

    A farm is often a non-stop operation. So, when the unexpected happens, you need to ensure that the downtime is kept to a minimum. With NMBSure, you can get insurance cover to protect all that your farm relies on.

    Livestock and Game Insurance

    No matter what livestock or game you have on your farm, you can be assured that you are protected from the unexpected. Our Livestock and Game Insurance Cover protects your business against:

    • Death due to fire, lightning and explosion.
    • Storm, wind, water, hail or snow (including freezing to death).
    • External violent and visible accident.
    • Attacks by dogs or wild animals.
    • Snake bite.

    Tools Insurance

    With NMBSure, we offer you comprehensive cover against loss, theft and damage for any business items you take or use outside of the farm. This includes items such as laptops, cellphones or even specialist equipment.

    Farm Assets Insurance

    Depending on what your farming operation owns, you can pick the cover that suits you. You can cover the following:

    • Buildings, fences, concrete dams, water reservoirs, windmills and boreholes.
    • Machinery, equipment, water pumps and farming implements.
    • Fire, water, explosion and impact damage.
    • Weather damage from lightning, storm, wind, hail and snow.
    • Accidental damage.
    • Subsidence and landslip damage
    • Malicious damage.
    • Power surges damage
  • Engineering Insurance

    Whether you’re involved in big projects or offer specialist services, time is always of essence. This is why we offer a set of insurance products specific to this sector that aim to get things back on track if ever they go wrong.

    Erection all risks Insurance

    The Erection All Risks Insurance covers all kinds of erection and testing on individual machine, industrial machinery, industrial plants, steel works and/or structure as well as third party property and/or bodily injury arising from the erection works. The cover may include Civil Engineering Works, Equipment for Erection, Removal of Debris, Professional Fees and Principal’s Existing Property. Duration of cover corresponds with the contract period which is stipulated in the Letter of Award.

    Contractors Insurance

    Enjoy cover for pretty much everything while your project is under construction. This includes any damage to your works, as well as liability claims that may be placed against your business after an incident.

    Machinery Breakdown Insurance

    A key piece of machinery brings nothing to a business if it is not operational. This type of insurance covers the cost of mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown. We cover you against breakdown due to lack of skill, workshop faults, general operation and even explosions.

  • Motor Traders Insurance

    If you are in the vehicle business, there is a lot of value for which you are responsible. From the vehicle stock you intend on selling, to customers’ vehicles you may have under your care, you will want to make sure it’s all properly covered.


    Motor Traders External Insurance

    This covers loss or damage to a vehicle where the incident happens away from your business premises. For instance, if an employee test drives a customer’s vehicle. We cover you against:

    Accident, storm, hail, flood damage to your vehicle stock or belonging to your customer when the vehicle is driven outside of your premises.

    • Damage or loss due to theft and hijack.
    • Damage or loss when a vehicle is used for demonstration purposes.
    • Damage or loss when a vehicle is used by an employee for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
    • Car hire or loss of use costs following damage or loss to a customer’s vehicle.


    Vehicle Stock Insurance

    When you sell vehicles, your stock can easily be worth millions and more. With our Vehicle Stock Insurance, you can rest assured that you won’t lose the value of your stock if something unexpected occurs. We cover you against:

    • Fire, water, explosion and impact damage.
    • Weather damage from lightning, storm, wind, hail and snow.
    • Accidental damage.
    • Subsidence and landslip.
    • Malicious damage.


    Motor Traders Internal Insurance

    This covers loss or damage to a customer’s vehicle while you or an employee drives it on your business premises. We protect you against:

    • Accident damage to vehicles driven on your premises.
    • Damage or loss when work is happening to the stock off premises.
    • Damage or loss caused from lifts and hoists.
    • Car hire or loss of use costs following damage or loss to a customer’s vehicle.