NMB Cash Funeral Benefit


The NMB Cash Funeral Benefit product is an automatic free funeral cover which comes with every NMB Account (except Excellence and Business Banking accounts). *One can opt out if they want.

Frequently Asked Questions! 

  •   Who is legible for the NMB Cash Funeral Benefit?

    All account holders expect Excellence and Corporate account holders.

  •   Will the beneficiary be paid cash in the event of a claim?

    Benefits will be paid/transferred into the next of kin’s account.

  •   What is the age limit for this funeral plan?

    There is no age limit.

  •   Does this plan lapse?

    This policy will remain in place as long as your account is active.

  •   What is required to qualify for this benefit?

    You simply need to have an active ZWL or USD account with NMB Bank.

  •   How long do I wait before I can claim?

    Instant access to benefits upon death.

  •   Can I access both ZWL and USD cash benefits?

    Yes, as long as both ZWL and USD accounts are active.

  •   What are the limits that can be accessed per currency?

    The limits on ZWL and USD are ZWL$468,000 and USD500 respectively.

  •   How does the next of kin make a claim?

    Fill in the claim form with a burial order/death certificate to