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Audit Committee

The credit committee’s main responsibilities are to consider loan applications beyond the discretionary limits of the management committees and to direct the formulation of, review and monitor the credit principles and policies of the Group.

Loans Review Committee

The Loans Review Committee assesses compliance of the loan book with the lending policy and the Banking Regulations. The committee conducts loan reviews independent of any person or committee responsible for sanctioning credit.

Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee oversees the quality, integrity and reliability of the Group’s risk management systems and reviews all Group-wide risks.

Human Resources, Nominations & Remuneration Committee

The committee is responsible for setting the Group’s remuneration philosophy and reviews the overall remuneration structures of the Group, including all material remuneration proposals and packages for Executive Directors and senior personnel. The committee also considers nominations to the Board and succession planning for the Board.

Asset and Liability Management Committee (ALCO), Finance & Strategy Committee

The Asset and Liability Management Committee (ALCO), Finance & Strategy Committee is responsible for deriving the most appropriate strategy for the Group in terms of the mix of assets and liabilities given its expectations of the future and the potential consequences of interest-rate movements, liquidity constraints, foreign exchange exposure, and capital adequacy. The committee also ensures that such a strategy is in line with the Group’s risk appetite. In addition, the committee monitors the business and financial strategies of the Company.