Virtual Branch


Virtual Branch


Virtual is the New Reality with NMB Bank.


For most people, Home banking looks like saving money in a piggy bank or under the mattress. It also looks like going over the budget because of temptations that come on your way and you have to go back again to start saving.

With that in mind we almost always never have time to go to the bank life is happening to everyone is busy. The journey to go to the bank can easily turn into a nightmare; between the commute, possible traffic, and time spent in line, that “quick trip to the bank” can often turn into a time-consuming errand for many consumers; which can feel especially frustrating if they only needed to sign one document.

Well NMB Bank is changing all that by giving you the Virtual Branch which is in essence a bank wherever you are. The Virtual Branch is banking 24/7 which goes a step further than doing digital transactions. With access to your accounts and online banking services.

Future Banking Solutions

Safe. Reliable. Convenient


Transfer funds, view history to see when share draft/checks have cleared, direct deposits have arrived, loan balances, and much more! You can even download your transaction history into your personal financial software. Through Virtual Branch, you can also view your e-statements; pay your bills using our secure online bill payment service.