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At NMB Bank we believe in making an impact to the communities we serve through financial access and freedom.

Our people make this possible. They are the strength of our brand, the quality of our financial solutions and the future of our business. Their ideas and efforts push our boundaries, drive innovation and help us to continually improve, deliver and succeed.

Discover how you can help shape our future and make an impact every day.

Disrupt, challenge and drive change

When you join NMB Bank you join a collaborative, agile working environment that stretches your thinking and encourages disruption. You also become part of the NMB culture that is rooted in excellence, connection, empowerment and innovation. At NMB we expect you to step outside your comfort zone and challenge the status quo at personal level and team level. We are driven by our H.E.A.R.T. and we thrive on our R.O.A.R.

A place to learn, develop and grow

At NMB we will challenge and empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Own your progress and be curious, flexible and ambitious to learn.

Make an impact

As an individual contributor we want you to leave your mark and make an impact.

Reward and Recognition

At NMB, you will be recognised for your contribution with a competitive salary and benefits package. You will also benefit from various reward initiatives that will make your stay worthwhile.

What our Team Says

  • Charity Mashava

    I joined the bank 20 years ago, having been thrilled by the exposure and adventure that NMB Bank had to offer. Having trained in traditional banking streams, I was intrigued to join a highly explosive environment that prompted me to be on my toes and regenerating every day. Over the years I have not had any time to feel bored, the continuous variations of work and opportunities across the Bank have kept me motivated. Today, I stand proud to be an all rounded Banker having worked as a Teller, Personal Banker, Treasury, Retail Banking and currently as Branch Manager for Gweru Branch.

    NMB Bank has existed as a quality bank for the 28 years based on its strategic poise and customer service delivery which was nurtured by the founders of the bank and has transitioned over the years. My association with the bank has taught me humility and customer focus, which has enriched my service delivery in my current role. Guided by the contagious vision imparted to us by the inceptors of the brand, I have refined my passion for banking and transformed to a nourished leader who strives to shape the industry and its people through accelerated growth and excellence redefinition.

    NMB Bank has remained dynamic over the years, forever creating new opportunities for vibrant teams to evolve in. The Bank’s culture is inspired by the outstanding personalities of the core founders, which have been cultivated into teams and work processes. I am proud to be part of this splendid brand and am excited to be onboard as the Bank defines the digital banking space that will take banking to another level.

  • Barbra Kamuriwo

    NMB Bank standards of excellence were shaped at the Bank’s inception and have been adapted to the ever changing customer needs. Being Executive Assistant to the co-founders of the Bank helped me appreciate the secret behind the prestigious reputation that the Bank has enjoyed over the years, drawing from the values of customer centrism, professionalism and excellence.

    The Bank architects were radical intellectuals with a vision to change the banking sector in Zimbabwe. In my 27 years of serving in the Bank, I still see this disruptive mindset existing in all teams as they purposefully engage with the intention of being of service to the customer. Through continuous development, the teams have remained committed to bold innovations, strategic partnerships and a strong work culture. Management has invested in retention strategies that award a decent lifestyle and personal regeneration for all employees and this has sustained the NMB Brand over years. As I reach my retirement in April 2022, I believe I have expressly contributed to the Bank’s vision and am proud to note that the bank has achieved milestones that have redefined the banking sector in Zimbabwe, one of which is being the First Digital Bank in Zimbabwe. Looking back, I believe the co-founders’ dreams are turning into a reality which I as an employee am proud of.

  • Moses Chatyoka

    Hospitality service has always been my passion and I pride myself in the successful contributions I have made, serving in the NMB Bank’s hospitality arm.

    The Bank has thrived on quality relationships, a tradition that was created by the its co-founders and have been maintained over the years despite the dynamic business changes. Humility and teamwork has defined the Bank’s core working standards, a culture that today the Bank prides itself in. As an employee of the Bank, I have received massive support from my leaders and colleagues and It gives me confidence that I am part of a nurturing family that has the employee’s interests at heart. As a housekeeper I have the privilege of connecting with teams at all levels. Over the years, I have enhanced my capacity and knowledge, learning from stimulated team members that have a common purpose of redefining the banking space in Zimbabwe.

  • Gladys Simoya

    I was privileged to be one of the pioneers in the set up and launch of the Msasa and Borrowdale Branches, a revolutionary experience that saw me and my colleagues shape the structure and operations of the units. It was thrilling to note that NMB Bank management trusted our capabilities to strategise and oversee these set-ups, given the prestige that the Bank professed in the market.

    NMB Bank has over the years enjoyed a reputation of superior customer service. This has kept me engaged and motivated over the years as I am passionate about service excellence, having joined as a Customer Service Agent in 2002. My line of work has also enriched my banking experience through client relationships. Working with the co-founders of the Bank had a huge impact on my delivery as an NMB employee. These talented mavericks were explicit in the definition of customer service provision. Such was their passion for service that they invested in employee leadership and support and enhanced employee lives through advice and mentoring. I learnt servant leadership which I utilise today in my role as Branch Manager for Southerton Branch.

    The team spirit in NMB Bank is praiseworthy; so many smart and knowledgeable colleagues ready to collaborate and serve with the customer in mind. The culture has given me a platform to connect with teams through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Everyday, I look forward to serving the customer with pride knowing that I contribute to the Bank’s bigger picture.

  • Happymore Chikombero

    I started off my career with the Bank in January 2006 as a Forex Teller and grew through the ranks serving as Teller Supervisor in 2009, Ledger Supervisor in 2014 and Operations Manager in 2015. Currently, I am serving as a Bancassurance Manager, a position I have held from 1 December 2020.

    The Bank has over the years adapted to different economic environments and boldly maintained its customer service excellence. I have personally witnessed testimonials from clients and it has encouraged me to serve with the intention of surpassing customer expectations. The Management offers strong support  to various teams and this has enabled me a to remain focused on contributing to the Bank's vision.

    The Bank's culture is embracing and cultivating, providing a conducive environment to learn, grow and prosper. NMB Bank has incredible people, and I have had the opportunity to connect with so many of them throughout my tenure. Each person has played a significant role in propelling me forward throughout my career through collaboration. The Bank inspires me to succeed, and gives me a platform to express my mind and abilities as I add value as a leader.

    I believe in the strategic direction of the Bank and take pride in contributing to its innovation and growth. Through agility, I believe the Bank is redefining the banking space in Zimbabwe.